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aluscreen – aluminium profiles are our domain

Operating on the market since 2001, aluscreen is a sales cooperation of several manufacturers of aluminium profiles, processing, logistics and warehousing with different opportunities and production levels. When concentrating on core competencies of individual enterprises, not all requirements of our clients regarding aluminium profiles can be met. aluscreen resolves this problem by covering a wide range of solutions through its business cooperation. It is our goal to find solutions for aluminium profiles with maximum profitability for our clients. You can find more details on our solutions on the following pages of this website. Our production and storage facilities are located in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey and China.

The founders

Alexander Saurwein

After successfully completing his business administration studies with a focus on marketing and materials management, Mr Saurwein was working as a member of the sales team for one of the most modern German manufacturers of aluminum profiles from 1993 to 1996. This manufacturer owned an 800, a 1.250-, a 2,000- and a 3,150-ton press with an annual capacity of 35,000 tons as well as a private anodising plant. As a sales representative, his duties included the supervision of the sales force, customer acquisition at base and in the field as well as technical project management in terms of new developments up to series maturity. Moreover, he was responsible for commercial and technical customer support within the automotive industry, in the accessories trade as well as the quoting and the elaboration/completion of supplier contracts. Due to the consistent expansion of salesof the product ‘anodised surfaces’ thanks to Mr Saurwein, the management decided to build its own anodising production plant for aluminium profiles in 1995. Up to this point anodised surfaces had to be purchased by means of subcontractors.

Following the foundation of the anodising plant for the finishing of aluminium profiles in April 1996, Mr Saurwein, now appointed Head of Sales, was able to expand his knowledge in the field of aluminium products by advocating increasingly for customer acquisition and conducting specific marketing activities with new product ideas as well as market and competition analysis. Due to his excellent computer literacy (Excel, Access, etc.) he was also appointed Head of the Development of Sales Software (order processing, CAS) on group level.

In his position as Head of Sales Europe for aluminium profiles of a large Turkish group, headquartered in Istanbul with three presses of 2,000 tons (annual capacity 25,000 tons), Mr Saurwein was able to increase sales from 1999 to 2001 to such an extent that his own trading company with storage capacity in Germany could be founded. In addition to establishing the required organisation, controlling the sales force and key account management, he was also in charge of developing new business strategies and new business.

Berndt Saurwein

Mr Berndt Saurwein was born on 20 February 1945 in Freilassing and began an apprenticeship as a retail merchant after finishing school in 1959. After graduating with honours, he worked as a retail salesman at a medium-sized family business with a wide assortment of steel, metals, components and building technology from 1962 to 1964.

Following this, Mr Saurwein attended to his service in the army in 1964. He completed his service in 1965 with the degree of sergeant. In the following year, he continued working at the aforementioned company for two more years. In 1968 he started his studies at the Hardware Management School in Wuppertal, where he graduated with honours in 1969. Following this, he started working as an executive in procurement and as a back office manager at a metal company.

In 1971 he joined the field service, where Mr Saurwein worked until 1989 and gained extensive knowledge and experience regarding the sale of aluminium and steel profiles, as well as their respective processing. Already in 1980 he could use his experience in the sale of aluminium and steel profiles as a sales representative and started freelancing. For over 29 years, Berndt Saurwein worked as a freelance sales representatives for a manufacturer of aluminium profiles, which helped him to expand his expertise even further. Mr Berndt Saurwein was responsible for an annual budget of about 12 million euros.

aluscreen’s value-added chain

Development of designs using 3D printers to avoid errors  Development of aluminium profiles for the processing industry  Production process: round aluminium block is heated, a press plunger pushes the aluminium through a tool package; profile is being sawn, heat-treated and further processed

2 profile types: 1. standard profiles (wholesale) 2. drawing profiles (customised and made to order)  Sale of aluminium profiles by aluscreen

What are the advantages of buying aluminium profiles from aluscreen?

Thanks to its lean organisation and the consistent outsourcing of standardised processes from warehousing to specialists, aluscreen operates extremely quickly and flexibly. Offers within hours following your inquiry about aluminium profiles are not at all uncommon.

These are only some of the advantages you will enjoy if you choose to cooperate with us:

We work quickly and individually based on your aluminium profile.

After receiving your inquiry, we will look for the ideal solution for your aluminium profile.

Your request is being processed reliably and with the greatest attention.

We can offer you extremely small minimum quantities (100 kg).

Prototypes or patterns are possible within 10 working days. This depends on the difficulty of your aluminium profile.

Your orders will be constantly monitored.

Our aluminium profile prices are low!

aluscreen has flexible and short distances.

We are working on international markets with an experience of over 20 years.

We cooperate with the most advanced manufacturers of aluminium profiles and the associated finishing techniques.

By collaborating with aluscreen, you will win back time for the essentials. We will always handle your purchase of aluminium profiles with the utmost reliability.

The satisfaction of our clients is the alpha and omega of all our actions. Our goal is to win and keep you as a long-term client and that you will always gladly order from us.

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